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As a nonprofit organization, National Startup League wasn’t our typical client. Although, the tax designation is where our differences ends. National Startup League is a non profit committed to bringing the concepts of entrepreneurship to low income middle school and high school communities. Novvum identifies with their commitment to helping and empowering individuals through entrepreneurship. Novvum exists to help startup entrepreneurs and business owners as much as National Startup League helps young students embrace entrepreneurship.

When National Startup League came to us for help with their website, we didn’t hesitate to help them with this project.


NSL (National Startup League) was born out of a lack of entrepreneurship education in middle schools and high schools. Entrepreneurship is about empowering students and giving them the creative freedom to take charge of their own lives. This is especially true in low income neighborhoods where statistics have shown that students are not being engaged in the classroom because of factors stemming from their socio-economic status. NSL aims to bring in entrepreneurship education to keep these students engaged in their own learning.

Since its inception, NSL have impacted more than 15,000 students. They have worked with more than 30 plus schools, school districts, administrators, city officials and educators. The impact that they have created have made a difference in the lives of many people. To that effect, they are continually growing and expanding. Novvum is here to help facilitate that growth by developing their online digital identity.


True to the Novvum process, we didn’t want to write a single code until we have understood our client and our client’s needs first. We sat down with the NSL team and distilled their brand essence. We conducted a deep dive on their business goals, customers and long term visions for the company. Based from our discussions with them and our own internal discussions, we created pencil sketches and mockups using Marvel Pop and Sketch.

After several feedback loops and iterations, we felt like we have captured the identity of NSL. And then we proceeded to build that identity.


The website perfectly captured the essence of NSL. The colors, copy and resources were all designed with the end users in mind. This website will serve as a resource for both students and administrators and also provide information to those who want to learn more about National Startup League’s mission to empower students.

We believe Working Together is better.

Lets team up