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OpenCastings is the exclusive network connecting next generation talent to opportunities in entertainment.


Talent Is Everywhere

Currently, the world is undergoing a dramatic shift in how content and media is created and distributed.  This content is being consumed more than ever and the creation of this content has become possible for individuals and enterprises alike.  Large networks and production companies (Hollywood 1.0) are now being challenged by extraordinarily creative individuals (Hollywood 2.0) with limited budgets.   The market is competitive but the demand for high quality content is growing exponentially.  The question has become, how will you capture more eyeballs than your competitor and is there a way to engage with young viewers who naturally go to websites like youtube for there next entertainment fix.

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OpenCastings is bridging the gap between Hollywood 1.0 and Hollywood 2.0 while increasing viewership and virality for each.


Novvum partnered with OpenCastings to establish an MVP, discover a go to market strategy and design/develop its revolutionary app.

As a MVP and market validator OpenCastings has currently partnered with a top hollywood production company to provide acting opportunities to high level influencers.  This relationship powered an MVP and has provided insight and experience required to launch and grow their stage 2 product, the first ever social media marketplace for networks, production companies, streaming services and influencers.


How do we disrupt a traditional industry?

OpenCastings road is still young but the strategy and technology it has is powerful.  Current in production is a React Native mobile app marketplace where young viewers and influencers can compete in auditions, challenges and contests provided by networks, streaming services and production companies, to land opportunities in their favorite shows or once in a lifetime experiences.  

This model supplies the networks and production companies with the eyeballs they are looking for while offering young viewers their chance to display their creativity.  Rather than building on the traditional model of requiring actors to pay to be on acting websites, OpenCastings and Novvum is striving to disrupt a market by opening the doors to all creators and using creativity and influence as the currency to succeed.  

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